About Pastor Owen Facey

Pastors Owen and Karlene Facey have been involved in ministry for well over 30 years. They have served in Jamaica, Canada, and now the United States.

Dr. Owen Facey received his doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California, with concentration in Anthropology and Inter-cultural Communications.  He received his master’s degree, with concentration in Biblical studies from Anderson University. He received his undergraduate degree from Gardner College.  He also studied liberal arts at Augustina University College, now a division of University of Alberta, and French at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  He is a professor, author, consultant, and business leader.

Karlene, a trained teacher, is a strong supporter in the ministry. She is a Minister of Christian Education and has served in the Children’s Ministry for a number of years. Overseeing Church Marketing, she is a seasoned businesswoman who leads her own companies; Clarocision Research and Marketing, Accurate Market Research, and The Vegan Cosmetics Store.  She holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom and is a Registered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Together they have two sons: Maurice Facey, a medical doctor who is married to Kayla, a mental health professional, and Marlon Facey, an engineer.  We are privileged to serve the wonderful people at Genesis Christian Church and the community of Broward County, Florida and beyond. We have a heart to see people’s lives change for the Lord and are committed to pour out our lives to that end.

Books Authored

A Guide to Assimilation in the Local Church: Improving Your Church's Retention Capacity (2002)

This book is currently is being revised to meet the demands of the current digital age and will be a must-read for all churches desiring to grow and those having problems retaining the visitors that attend.
Not Currently Available

The Unexplored Dimensions of Relationships: Keys to Building Meaningful Relationships (2004)

This book is the culmination of wisdom gleaned through counseling, leading small groups that focus on relationship, and conducting relationship seminars over the past eighteen years. Master the keys outlined in this book mastered and your relationships will never be the same again.
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The Crucible of Leadership (2018)

This book does not try to regurgitate the many academic aspects of leadership. It uses the Bible as a guide to unveil some powerful principles of effective leadership. The reader will have the opportunity to live with key biblical figures and drink from their well of wisdom. The book examines the character, the competence, the task and challenges of effective leadership.
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